Why organic cotton underwear?

Clothes are like our second layer of skin, like our underwear. At baby baby cool we think it is important to create safe and non-toxic underwear for our little one.


The most important thing for underwear is to be breathable and soft, to feel comfortable all day.

Children play and run all day long, it was important for us to create a piece of garment that will let the play freely throughout the day without feeling constrained or uncomfortable.

Also, we choose to use 100% organic cotton to avoid toxic dyes and chemicals in the fabric that produce a poison,  the « nonylphenol ».

This synthetic chemical, could interfere with our kids estrogen level and the reproductive system.

It may also affect the development of the nervous system, the immune system, and could be link with obesity.


Let the children grow up healthy and happy, baby baby cool and the parents bring the best for them!