Why baby baby cool ?

For more than ten years, working as an advertising stylist, I have traveled to many places, saw the newest trends, was inspired by the art, the fashion, the architecture. I admired the beauty of what I was looking at, wondering how could they create such beautiful things. Everything was so unique and innovative! I then realized that beauty was not something you could learn, but it was more like a feeling, something that come from within. But how can you cultivate your sense of aesthetic ? I think that being immerse in beautiful surroundings, being aware of the beauty of the world is the key. I believe that we should show our children the way to appreciate it as early as possible. By doing this, a child can reinforce and enrich his perception of the world and develop a strong personality! 

When I was looking for kid’s fashion, I found out that good-looking children's clothes are in majority really bad for our kids health. The fabric and the dyes used in conventional clothing hide a lot of chemicals and toxins that can harm our babies on the long term. And safe and non-toxic fashion is unfortunately often pretty boring and lacking of style! 

We found this gap, so I decided to make stylish and healthy clothes for our loved ones! 

Starting from the beginning of life, we should create an aesthetic environment, let children immerse themselves in the beauty of life, let them see, touch, eat, hear and experience! 

Kids are the future. How you teach and accompany them is how they are going to grow up. 

Every time I had to do a commercial with kids, I was really worry, because kids fashion can often be too much, too childish. If we needed a more edgy or stylish look, we always had to look for foreign brands. This let me wonder why can't we find fashionable and stylish kids wear in Taiwan? We need to put a lot more attention into kids aesthetic! 

We should cultivate the beauty from an early age, so I thought to myself that I had to create a clothing line for babies and kids. Let the children experience style through their everyday wear. Because it is very important to cultivate creativity and confidence from the beginning ! 

What is baby baby cool's concept ?

We all learn how to be parents after we become parents.

It is not an easy task. Baby baby cool wants to help parents and give them the choice !

We want children to grow up healthy and happy. As a brand, we think our mission is to provide the best quality organic cotton fabric that is the softest, really breathable and chemical-free.

We use a l GOTS certified luxury soft organic Japanese cotton. Guarantee with pesticides or chemicals.

We provide the best for your child’s gentle skin.

All buttons, zippers and other materials are nickel-free and heavy metal-free.

Our snaps are guaranteed for life, as we hope to reduce the waste of resources and maintain the spirit of environmental protection.

How we design our clothes ?

When we are satisfied with the design, we send it to our pattern maker. Once it is made, we try the sample on different babies and kids to see how it fits. Each of our design is tried on and usually one design must be modified two to five times to be a perfect fit. When the samples are done, we let kids wear our clothes and play in it to be sure there is no discomfort. 

It is important for us to see if they feel comfortable or not in the clothes through the way they move and play. When they keep playing and don’t ask to take the item off then we know that our design is a success! 

In addition to being beautiful and comfortable, it is also very important that our clothes are durable. 

For the parts that need to be opened, such as the neckline and the bottom of the onesie we use a double lining technic to avoid stretching and increase durability. We also add darts on the bottom of our bodysuits for better coverage of diapers. Our fabric is imported from Japan to ensure maximum quality and durability. All buttons are nickel-free and heavy metal free. 

We choose to make classic designs that will last and look good for every season! 

We don't make clothes, we make a dream.


Beautifully made in Taiwan


Why does baby baby cool insist on Taiwanese manufacturing?

We don’t want to see Taiwan’s craftsmanship buried, so we insist on manufacturing our clothes locally.

Today's fast fashion and a large number of ready-to-wear are no longer concerned with exquisite craftsmanship and quality.

They have moved to cheap places to reduce costs.

In contrast, Taiwan should be more committed to quality goods.

Let the world see the exquisite craftsmanship of Taiwan.


We believe that small details can change and affect the whole.


We are proud of what we do and how we do it, we want everyone to feel the quality and to enjoy the best things in life !

Craftsman spirit, professional and high standard of achievement

Craftsman spirit, professional and high standard of achievement


We believe that every mother want the very best for their kids

Therefore, we insist on make the best quality item we can create.


To make baby's ideal closet 

We design and create safe and stylish, cute and unique collection


We want kids to be free and have their own personality!


We want to give your child the best, so we use non-toxic, 100% organic cotton!


But because the fabric doesn't have any chemicals it makes it difficult to use and create cool designs.

The only way is to do so is to use more complicated stitching on the layout.

Tailoring and sewing requires more layers of workmanship in order to make the garment more fit and comfortable.


There are shapes everywhere between the movements, leaving a beautiful feeling of freedom!


Yves Saint Laurent once said: "I am not designing clothes, I am designing dreams! »


Like him, we don't want to produce goods, we want to create piece of art!


We believe in craftsmanship

We believe in exquisite produce

We believe in giving the best to our little one



100% organic cotton

100% unique style

100% made in Taiwan