Our story

We do more than exceptional children's clothing; we weave unique stories of motherly love and affection.


My darling child,

May you discover your own style and make fashion work for you;

may you stride forward in confidence and make the world your own.

As you grow up healthy and strong,

my abiding love and baby baby cool’s commitment to excellence

will be with you every step of the way.


Fashion is more than just a trend;

it reflects a person’s aesthetic attitude toward life and living. 


Every child has her or his own personal stylist -– Mom!

Moms know which clothes work best on their children.

Free of the whims of fashion, she creates her own style, her own aesthetics,

integrating the essence of stylish form and wearable comfort.

A child’s personal clothing statement, born of mother’s love,

shows how eternal love sustains and rejuvenates classic fashion.


Taking unconditional parental love as our starting point,

baby baby cool uses the very best at every step and in every detail.

We don’t manufacture products; we create works of clothing art.

We know that every step is critical and that details create the whole.

Our quality clothing is meant to be enjoyed for years, not for just one season.

Fashionable design and traditional craftsmanship

set baby baby cool distinctly and comfortably apart from the pack.

As we build a global brand, we keep your child’s comfort close to heart.


We uphold the 3Hs of Health, Honesty, and Happiness

Our guarantee is always 100% organic, 100% style, and 100% made in Taiwan.