The Brand 


To love is to seek the best, not settle for less!


Working as a professional stylist for over 13 years, I used to care more about looks and style, but once I became a mom, I put my children's comfort and health first. 


I realized there are many harmful chemicals in fabrics that can easily permeate the skin and enter the human body, unknowingly affecting the health of the growing child as well as the environment.


What are the three vital elements a tree needs to grow? 

The sunshine, air and water.  

What are the three “musts” in clothing for children?

Health, comfort and beauty.


Above all, health is our first priority. The fabrics we use must be 100% organic and non-toxic.


Secondly, comfort is a must. In addition to fine quality fabrics, good pattern designs are also important. Our draping designing process creates clothing that enables children to move comfortably and to embrace freedom as well as happiness. 


The third must is to look beautiful. Beauty is not only about dressing to look adorable, but to convey a chic style that will bring out confidence in every child. An ideal design can cultivate confidence that gives children a sense of freedom.



Design Concept 


Inspired by how Michelangelo transformed the limitations in reality into art and proved the essence of creativity is self expression, we apply the same spirit onto designing bbc’s collections. bbc utilizes designing methods and techniques only seen in adult fashions in creating children’s clothes, breaking away from the original framework of children clothing production to produce a fashionable and healthy Taiwan clothing brand.    


Design With Styling In Mind  

Applying collage methods to create good patterns that match the body shapes, our designs are fun and filled with creative aesthetic effects. With agile lines, chic design, and minimal color palettes, we dress our babies to express their unique styles.


Detailed Designs Behind The Simple Look  

When all the superfluous elements are removed, the details, such as pattern proportion, curves, and cut will be emphasized. Mastering these elements requires a profound understanding of human body shape and structure which includes geometrical balances, positive and negative space, the harmonious arrangement between the parts and the whole.


The Creative Team  

Our creative team consists of professional commercial stylists, emerging designers, pattern makers trained in Japan and senior tailors. We focus on creating well-proportioned patterns, agile lines, neat cuts and collaging simple but vivid colors to build great clothing lines with fun and creative aesthetic effects, demonstrating Taiwan’s design capacity in children’s fashion to the world. 



What is 3D draping?


3D draping uses mannequins to simulate body shapes. By covering the fabrics directly onto the mannequins and then developing shape through cutting, felled seaming, pleating, and pinning, the draping method makes it possible for the designer to observe the dynamic space between fabrics and the body, different silhouettes and body structures. This process also requires more fabrics and thus results in higher production costs.



We believe that every child is dynamic. 

We choose to use 3D draping methods specific to adult’s fashion in our designing process for children to better express their unique styles. Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton fabric that meets the highest standard in EU and non-toxic accessories, our collections are entirely handmade in Taiwan. 


Cultivate Children’s Aesthetic Sense  

Aesthetic senses are developed from the immersive environment children experience daily, and thus aesthetic education should start from our everyday life. Explore with baby baby cool and discover beauty everyday.



Happy. Healthy. Honesty. 

May every child enjoy happiness,

health,honesty and be confident!




Global Certification

GOTS-certified 100% fine quality organic cotton fabric

baby baby cool chooses organic cotton fabrics that meet the highest standard of global organic association across the USA, Japan, and the EU. 


In order to integrate different organic certification standards, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is established, applying the most strict rules to certifying organic cottons. The scope covers farming, spinning, weaving, dyeing and printing, sorting, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, exporting, importing and includes all natural fibers. The approval requires meeting specific high standards in health and environmental protections at every stage.   

GOTS defines organic cotton as cotton grown in an organic farming environment where the land needs to undergo a three year fallow period without using any chemical fertilizers and pesticides but only organic ones to grow the cotton in its healthy field. Cotton without any chemical residues can then be certified as organic cotton. According to the statistics, certified organic cotton only accounts for 2 % of the total cotton production in the world.  


From Organic Fibers To Clothes  

Every fabric is made from yarns used for weaving, sewing, embroidering or tying, and every yarn is composed of mingled fibers of its kind. baby baby cool produces products using organic cotton fabrics made from 100% organic cotton fibers and yarns imported from Japan. 


Nickel-Free And Heavy Metal Free Buttons    

All accessories, including buttons, zippers, and ribbons, used in our collections are made of safe and non-toxic materials.   





















何謂3D立體剪裁 ?







美感素養是一點一滴從生活中潛移默化,美感教育從生活中做起。跟著baby baby cool 在日常生活中發現「美」。

Happy. Healthy. Honesty. 




通過GOTS認證 100% 頂級有機棉布料

baby baby cool 所使用的有機棉布料均符合全球、美國、日本及歐盟最高規格有機認證協會標準。

為了整合各國不同的有機棉認證標準,因而誕生全球有機紡織品認證標準GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) ,他們對有機棉有最嚴苛的監管制度。GOTS的標準內容包含種植、紡紗、織造、印染、整理、製造、包 裝、標籤、出口、進口和所有的天然纖維,全部都需符合高度健康與環保標準,並定義有機棉需採用有機農法栽種,土地須休耕三年,不使用化學肥料、農藥,藉由有機肥料培養出健康的土壤所栽培出的棉花,經認證無化學藥物殘留後才能被稱之為有機棉。 根據統計,經認證的有機棉僅佔全球棉花產量的2%。



baby baby cool 商品使用日本原裝進口,100%有機棉纖維紗線製成的有機棉布料。